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  Benzoyl Peroxide can dry out and irriate dark skin tones and it's the key  ingredient in Proactiv!  
Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical that can dry out and damage the skin. Typically ethic customers that use Proactiv see results for about 1 week then experience extreme breakouts,dryness and irraition.Get a Dermotological  Acne Solutions for dark skin tones that is benzoyl peroxide free. Blackskin's Acne Wash!
  With just one simple steps a day's Acne Wash m  combines real medicines. Strong enough to kill your most stubborn acne but gentle enough to use everyday.'cleaners are fast effective and feel great on your skin.
Here is what you get;
Acne Wash
Our popular Acne Wash is a "Customer Best Pick" it contains Salicylic acid a powerful acne fighter that kills bacterica and control oils that cause breakouts. An  effective wash that is still mild enough for sensitive skin.

" I used Proactiv it broke me out really bad.  I started using blackskin's acne product and within a week I saw a difference in my skin.I would tell anyone don't guess whether a product is going work for black skin get a product that you KNOW is  designed to work for you.This product worked for me"
- Janice G. Age 39
Acne Face Wash
  • Refreshing Wash Kills Acne  
  • Quenches dry skin

8 FL. OZ.
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