Dark Skin Acne Problems and Remedies

It is fact that some people have acne problems especially during their teen years. This is usually due to hormonal changes and will usually go away after a certain period of time. But acne can also be prevalent on sensitive skin especially African American skin. However in this case, once acne is excessive, this would require skin treatment to prevent severity and re occurrence. If you have acne, there are certain treatments that you can take to treat this type of skin condition especially if it has progressed to acne scarring.


It is important that you understand that acne affects all people regardless of the color of their skin, but the severity and the problem are different from person to person. African American is darker due to the high amount of melanin found in the skin. Melanin is what protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays and helps keep the skin younger looking.


So what are those black spots found on African American skin? Dark spots on dark skin happen when there is skin inflammation due to acne. Dark spots can be remedied by using peeling creams and other home remedies such as apple juice, tea, honey and oats. If your acne condition is already severe, you would need to consult dermatologists for proper treatment. This way, you will be advised to take a special acne diet which usually targets to improve skin moisture. Overnight remedies for acne on African American skin are not always enough. These are only short term remedies that don’t work on nasty acne scars. If you have acne scars right now, do not wait for more to erupt. Seek a medical professional immediately to prevent future acne outbreaks and development of scars.


As mentioned, African American skin is very sensitive so it would need more moisture than lighter skin. It is better that you opt for skin care products made from organic or natural ingredients. You see, products made from chemicals can cause skin dryness and can usually worsen the skin conditions like acne. Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by alterations of melanin. If you will be seeing a dermatologist, it would be best that you ask him all the possible treatments you can have for your skin. Your dermatologist is licensed to give medical advices and mostly all of them have the knowledge and experience in treating all types of skin condition specifically acne.