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Quick Start Guide Fade Kit

by Gaylyn Helper February 11, 2017



Here's how to treat acne and dark spots using our products. All steps are designed to be used together and consistently for best results!

Step One wash your face with the Acne or Glycolic Wash

Step Two Apply Gel Directly to your Spots

Make sure to test the fading gel on a small area of your skin for 24 to 48 hours and look for any signs of irritation like redness or itching if so its not recommended that you proceed with use.You can use que tip or your fingers to apply the product.

Apply Directly to the Dark Spots

If its impossible to apply to each spots apply a thin layer to the area and monitor it.

Do not apply any lotions or other products between the gel and your skin

Do not expose the gel on your skin to sun light only apply at night or when indoors for the day. The fading gel is designed to brighten skin wherever it makes contact. Only a thin layer of gel is needed to see results.
Step Three After at least 8-10 hours

Wash off fading gel and apply Dark Prevention Sunscreen

Apply makeup on top of sunscreen if you wear makeup. Reapply Sunscreen every 3-4 hours if your in direct sunlight consistently.

Gaylyn Helper
Gaylyn Helper