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    Blog — skin moisturizer

    The Importance of Skin Moisturizers Especially on Dark Skin

    One of the most sensitive skin type is African American skin. Today, finding the right product for skin care is not so difficult since most products are made for each skin type. But what makes up a great skin care treatment for African American skin? It is important that you know what you are looking for to help you land a good product for your specific skin type.


    When it comes to caring for skin even African American skin, the simplest way is to look for a good moisturizer. Your skin will get enough moisture if you stick to natural oils like coconut or olive oil. In fact, bottles olive and coconut oil sold at the grocery store actually works for your skin. One hundred percent cocoa or shea butter is also good for moisturizing the skin. You can order shea butter online or purchase one from health food stores. It also works great for dry heels, hands, elbows and other skin areas that is prone to dryness.


    For African American skin, it would be best to use lotions and other skin products made from organic or natural ingredients. African American skin is very sensitive and using skin care products would only do more harm than good. Alcohol can dry the skin making it look dull and cause acne breakouts.


    It always helps to cleanse the skin gently with natural and organic skin care products like coconut oil, olive oil and mild soap. Avoid skin care products sold in drugstores since they tend to be rich in chemicals. African American skin is acne prone so any contact with harmful skin care products will cause more acne breakout. So if you have sensitive skin, use all natural soaps which are more suited for your skin type and moisturize a lot using organic oils after you cleanse your face.


    All skin types require sunscreen and that also includes African American skin. Just because dark skin has more melanin doesn’t mean it can’t get skin cancer. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause skin problems like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. To protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, use sunscreen every time you go outdoors, preferably the ones with SPF 15 or higher. 


    Of course, who doesn’t want to wear cosmetics? But cosmetics can also irritate sensitive skin. It would be best to use mineral-based cosmetic products if you love to wear make-up all the time. These products do not clog the pores and mild to sensitive African American skin.

    How to Take Care of Your Skin

    It can be quite challenging to care for African American skin with all the skin care products sold in the market today. Oftentimes, not all skin products contain the right level of moisture needed for African American skin type. African American skin care requires a lot of moisturizing in order for it to remain healthy, glowing and acne-free. When it comes to caring for African American skin you need to know what to look for and what to avoid. This will help finding good African American skin care products easier.


    You need to keep it simple and not go for expensive and non-organic moisturizing products. They are expensive and they don’t actually offer the best benefits needed for African American skin types. For starters, sticking to organic products like olive oil and coconut oil will give your skin enough moisture it needs. Aside from that, these products are easy to come by and they are cheaper compared to products sold in drugstores. Most non-organic moisturizers contain mineral oil and petroleum which usually clogs the pores. Clog pores can cause acne breakouts which will in turn cause more unwanted skin conditions.


    It is fact that the air contains factors that can cause skin outbreaks like acne. Therefore, it's inevitable that you cleanse your skin daily. Usually, water and mild soap is enough to cleanse the face but if you think you have the need to use skin care products, stay away from products that contains alcohol and other harsh chemical. These chemical are harmful to the skin and they can be irritating and would sometimes cause skin reactions especially to sensitive brown skin.


    As mentioned, African American is so sensitive and getting them in contact with harsh chemicals can cause skin reactions like acne, redness, hyper-pigmentation and dryness. You see, chemicals can strip away the skin’s natural oils which actually keeps the skin moisturized and even toned. So, when it comes to ethnic skin care, it would be best to use all-natural soaps made from organic food-grade ingredients like natural oils, milk, oats and other.


    It is recommended that you need to wear protective sunscreen whenever you go outdoors. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to the skin regardless of what skin type. In fact, skin with less melanin is usually prone to skin cancer due to constant sun exposure. So use a sunscreen preferably with SPF 15 or more to protect your sensitive from the sun’s harmful UV rays.