Get the Set. Turmeric & Honey Mask & Charcoal Blemish Mask

$ 35

Spot Exxit Charcoal Acne Mud Mask with Honey Powder and Kaolin Clay 

You can also use our activated charcoal mask  to achieve a flawless complexion, since it’s very effective at drawing bacteria, dirt and other toxins to the surface of your skin to fight imperfections that stem from impurities in the skin that can cause acne and blemishes.

Skin Bright clay mask  combines two natural lighteners  turmeric and cinnamon in one product.  If your goal is more even skin this clay mask its a must have.

 This brightening face mask reduces blemishes, and evens skin tone so your skin appears brighter and smoother. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that are extremely beneficial for the skin.

 20 mask per jar


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