Hairy Girl Herbal "STOP HAIR" Tea 30 Servings

$ 20

Hair Girl Tea is a "Testosterone blocking" natural tea that slows down testosterone product.

This tea has a characteristic called the “anti-androgen effect”. Essentially what this means is that it blocks the free testosterone in the body and inhibits it from functioning at all, in turn it reduces free testosterone by 30%. This is a significant benefit for women who are experiencing aggressive facial  hair growth.  

Many women face the difficulties of polycystic ovarian syndrome in today’s society. A whirlwind of symptoms such as acne, hair loss, facial hair growth, depression, weight gain and hormonal imbalance can all be indicative of PCOS.  

In order to see a decent improvement, women should use herbal  tea regularly, 1-2 cups daily. Package makes 30 Serving of tea.(About 15 bags of tea)




Pure Spearmint herbal blend 

Usage:  Use one to two bags to brew 16ozs of tea. Drink two 6 oz cups a day for best results. Sweeten with honey as needed.

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