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Dark Spot Intensive Fade Gel

$ 35


Intensive Dark Spot Fade Gel Therapy

Use this product as a spot treatment for stubborn dark spots that seem to never go away.This fade gel is ideal for dark spots from acne. Our Intensive Dark Spot Fade Gel penetrates deep and delivers key lighteners to dark and discolored skin, erasing dark spots while you sleep. Glycolic acid (made from natural fruit extracts) exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal new evenly-toned skin. 1oz  



  • Reduces dark spots and creates an evenly toned
  • complexion for face and body.
  • Smooths rough texture of skin and discourages
  • razor bumps in treated areas
  • Brightens dull complexion and effectively fights discoloration
  • Safe for sensitive skin after skin patch test. 

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