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Dark Spots Acne System
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Are dark  spots and discoloration affecting your self-esteem? We have the solution!  Our 2 step system can restore your natural skin complexion. Here is what is included in the                     " Erase My  Dark Spots Skin System".

Intensive Dark Spot Fade Gel Therapy
Use this product as a spot treatment for stubborn dark spots that seem to never go away.This fade gel is ideal for dark spots from acne..
Skin lightening Complex 25, the key ingredient, in our Intensive Dark Spot Fade Gel penetrates deep and delivers key lighteners to dark and discolored skin-- erasing dark spots while you sleep. Glycolic acid (made from natural fruit extracts) exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal new evenly toned skin.

. Sun Protect SPF 30 Sun Screen
Use this product daily to stop new dark spots and stop the current ones from getting darker.This SPF 30 sun screen protects the skin against  free radicals from the sun that darken and age skin. Light forumlation protects and moisturizes dry skin.

Join the thousands that already have already experienced the exciting results of's clinically tested "Erase My  Dark Spots Skin System" .

This medical formula contains proven
ingredients  developed by  dermatologists and pharmacists to remove:

The secret to the Erase My Dark Spots Skin System is combining the most effective clinical ingredients on the market today!
Skin Lightening Complex 25 (Hydroquinone 2 %)
Considered by many dermatologists as #1 solution for dark spots. This fast acting skin lighter is our products biggest weapon.
Glycolic acid
This natural acid derived from sugar cane acts as a gentle skin exfoliate washing away the layer of skin where spots reside.
Aloe Vera
All natural plant extract base restores the skin while powerful lightener active.
Virtually all of the products available to our customers have been tested in independent laboratories to ensure premium effectiveness and quality. Our customer results speak for themselves.
84% saw reduction in dark spots within 30 days�

78% percent agreed that  the Erase My Dark Spots Skin System  did more for there spots than over the counter products�

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*Results May Vary*

�In a 4 -week home-use study of 8 women who tried the product.
�Based on a 30-day in clinical study