Glycolic Wash and Skin Brightening Toner Duo

" This toner & wash make my skin feels so soft and shrinks my pores which I love. My skin is brighter and I love it !"

$ 36

Duo Includes:

Glycolic Acid Wash  

A great skincare routine begins with an extraordinary face wash. Our glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser gives your skin the VIP treatment it deserves. The formula contains 2.5% GLYCOLIC ACID + PAYPAPA & PINEAPPLE  EXTRACTS, which help to alleviate clogged pores, slough away dead skin and dirt, and restore tone and radiance.

Size 4.0 Fl Oz


Skin Brightening  Toner 

Powerful 2.5% glycolic acid and AHA of papaya and pineapple extract combine to even dark spots and improve skin texture. As with regular use, discoloration from acne and sun damage significantly reduces.

Calming fruit extracts reduce inflammation and soothe and hydrate problem skin. Paraben and Sulfate Free.

 Size: 4.0 Fl Oz 

 Works Well For: 



Toner Ingredients:

Distilled water, Glycolic acid, phenoxyethanol, Willow bark extract, pantheon, Allantoin, Papaya extract, Pineapple extract,  Licorice root extract,  Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide



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