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Does this product really work?*
Yes! Typical, customers see a change in their skin tone in 30 days. Our formulations are powerful combinations of the best compounds used to even skin complexion. A panel of African American dermatologists agree the key ingredients in our system are the most effective at correcting dark spots and discoloration. As the fastest selling online product for skin discoloration for people of color our reputation speaks for itself!

How does your product work?
The Erase My Dark Spots Skin System's Intesive Fade gel key ingredient is Skin Lightener Complex 25 also know as, hydroquinone. Complex 25 is powerful when applied to dark spots instructing skin cells to slow down the production of melanin (which gives skin a dark color). The SPF 15 sunscreen protects the skin from free radicals from the sun that cause dark spots and aging.

How long before I see result?*
From 30 days or more it depends on the severity of your discoloration.The key is consistency using the products daily. 

Can I use this product with other products?
We do not recommend combining our other products. Our products should be the last thing you put on your face at night.

How soon will I get my product if I order today?
All items are shipped USPS. Unless the item is on backorder items are shipped the same day Frist Class mail. Allow 1 week for delivery.

Do you accept money orders?

Yes we do. Please mail your money order to Hunter Enterprises/ 6350 Morrison Road New Orleans, LA 70126. Please make sure you Pay to the Order of Hunter Enterprises not

The product is turning brown what is wrong?

As the fading gel is exposed to the air and heat it changes colors but it is good to use until the expiration date printed at the bottom of the jar.